Institute for Public Art

IPA aims to:

Research and celebrate the contribution of exceptional artists to public art practices and place- making across the world, and to share this knowledge to advance and strengthen the field as a whole.

Establish and maintain a global network of professionals who share an interest in public art, its creation and its consequences.

Advocate public art, and excellence in public art, through competitions, publications, websites, the media and any other means, to bring it to the favourable attention of decision makers around the world.

IPA is a network that pursues these aims by managing the International Award for Public Art (IAPA), and through participating in conferences that bring together researchers and professionals globally.


Maintaining a global network of associations for professionals sharing an interest in public.

Research Meetings

Working with partners to commission research about specific aspects of public art practice


Find out about the researchers and what they are researching.

Conflict Kitchen

Jon Rubin and Dawn Weleski, 221 Schenley Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, 2010

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