Elena Kilina

Elena Kilina is from Russia (Siberia), doing PHD in university in Sao Paulo University in the area of visual anthropology, urbanism and BRICS studies.

Since 2016 Elena was conducting her artistic field work projects in Tongji University collaborating with DESIS LAB at the design and innovation department and having a fellowship for young scholars from the urban development faculty of Fudan University in Shanghai. Her main topic is social interactions between space and people, sense of belonging and solitude, emerging urbanity through visual and sound art with the regional context (China-Brazil).

Elena got two Master degrees from Russia and Sweden with Oriental cultures, Chinese language and cultural studies. Her project about public and private spaces in Tokyo received a grant from Waseda University in Japan.

Elena is an ambassador of Shanghai World Music School and audio-visual artist for the platform "Creative Systemic Research Platform" (CSRP) in collaboration with Shanghai FabLab (Tongji University).

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