The International Award for Public Art

The International Award for Public Art acknowledges specific public art projects of the highest achievement with a focus on art-led urbanism, place-making, community building and social practice.

The Award draws attention to the major contribution made by artists around the world to the quality of life, our shared environments and the importance of developing space to nurture citizenship and public wellbeing.

In addition to the recognition and celebration of quality, a primary goal of the Award is to stimulate debate about the value, articulation and qualities of public spaces among artists and allied professions, and among decision-makers in urban planning and design.

A related goal is education, supported by the sharing of information about projects, best practices, and innovative work around the world.

Interested in nominating projects for IAPA 2025? Please use this form or email [email protected].



Pimp My Carroça

Thiago Mundano, São Paulo, Brazil, 2012


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