Jinan, 2015

Jinan West City Forum
21st-24th September 2015
Shandong University of Art and Design (SUAD), China

This event was organised by Jinan West City Investment and Development Group in association with Shandong University of Art and Design and the Institute for Public Art (IPA). The forum brought together artists, artchitects and experts in public planning to discuss the role of art in the development of Jinan West City- a significant area of urban growth in the city of Jinan. 

The event included project analysis, seminars and a display of artworks underway. It was an opportunity to focus on the planning and design of Jinan West City from an art perspective drawing on the skills of the IPA, urban design teams, artists and designers to investigate the development and current state of public art in China. 

Shandong University of Art and Design

Progress Agency