2017 International Award for Public Art

The winner of the 2017 International Award for Public Art was announced at a Gala Dinner in Hong Kong, Friday 17 March 2017. The Award is made to an outstanding project, and recognises the entire team and community responsible for its realisation.

The IAPA ceremony at the gala dinner was embedded in a weekend conference themed as Art, Place-Making and Resilient Cities, hosted by Hong Kong Baptist University in partnership with the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of the Government of HKSAR.

The selection panel for the 2017 International Award for Public Art (IAPA) met in Shanghai to review more than 140 case studies of art-led place making. The projects were nominated by the Institute for Public Art network, and presented to the panel by researchers from the network. The jurors contribute their specialist knowledge of their designated region.

2017 IAPA Commended Projects

Pimp my Carroça (Exceptional)
Thiago Mundano
Latin America

If you were to work here...
Peter Robinson

Beijing Hutong renewal project
Zhang Ke
East and Southeast Asia

Gavkhouni Wetland
Fereshteh Alamshah
West, Central and South Asia


Théâtre Source
Philip Aguirre y Otegui

Waiting for Godot in New Orleans
Paul Chan
North America

To see all the nominated projects, please click here.

Pimp My Carroça
Thiago Mundano, São Paulo, Brazil, 2012

2017 Jurors

Wang DaWei (East Asia)

Derrick Cherrie (Oceania)

Jasmeen Pathejar (West, Central and South Asia)

Jay Pather (Africa)

Mary Jane Jacob (North America)

Tamsin Dillon (Eurasia)

Katia Canton (Latin America)

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