Art and Environment - A Cultural Action at the Plum Tree

Artist: Mali Wu
Location: Tamsui District, Taipei
Researcher: Peng-Chu Hsiung

"Link the broken land with water " – Starting from the element water in the creek plum tree area, the Curator Wu Mali intends to integrate the Zhuwei area, where the quality of life has become unbalanced after excessive urbanization. Plum Creek area was originally the indispensable source of water that people relied on for subsistence. However, the presence of factories, buildings in everywhere, have been great pressure to the stream. People began lusting after the convenience brought by urbanization, and they gradually forgot the natural beauty that brought by creek plum trees.

“Art and Environment—A Cultural Action at the Plum Tree” is designed to lead the residents to rediscover the creek plum tree area. In fact, it aims to inspire people to think about the people , the environment, the land as well as the alienation among people. Through interdisciplinary corporation and active participation in a wide variety of activities, the residents may reflect the relationship with the surrounding environment in practice. "Plum Creek Tree Breakfast Time" chooses seasonal fruits and vegetables monthly for participators to enjoy.

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For one thing, it can enhance the understanding of each other. For another thing, it also evokes a sense of community through discussions on water and the environment. The action also extends to the campus, such as " A brook in front of my school" and "Local Green Living with plants ", in which some artists are invited to the campus to encourage students to look at their homes with multiple senses, and to experience green living by making the full use of local natural resources. "Villages’ shape - Mobile Museum" is set up by the flow of temporary work, with the aim to promote a sense of urban life in the villages, emphasizing the idea of the nature returning, waste recycling, temperature of handwork and flows of emotion exchanged. In the "Community Theatre", adults and children are invited to express their memories to the Zhuwei in physical performances.

Wu Mali has long endeavored to arouse people’s concern on the public issues through cultural actions, among which the "plum tree creek environment art action" is a successful case.

It not only makes the residents realize the importance of re-plum trees along the creek area, but also attracts the government’s attention and reflection on the influence and damage brought by the modern urbanization. In the course of a year and a half, from apathy and doubt, gradually to positive participation, the public have been impacted significantly by the program, which creates a broader response than expected. Starting from the art, inspiring the centripetal force of the residents, and connecting the people with artists, all give some meaningful connotations to these activities designed for local areas. And it in return broadens the horizon of art.

All copyright belongs to Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University.

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