Catcher of Five-Color Soil

Artist : Tsinghua University, Studio Link-Arc
Location: Milan, Italy

Year: 2015
Researcher: Panli

After Shanghai world expo 2010, Milan world expo 2015 is the first A1 expo to be certified by the BIE (Bureau of International Expositions). It is the first large-scale overseas expo that China joined in the post-World Expo era, and the first time China Pavilion was constructed in a new form (in the past it was reconstructive). Unlike the theme "Better City, Better Life"in Shanghai world expo, the theme of Milan world expo is "Nourish the earth, the energy of life",surrounding the agriculture. Accordingly,China Pavilion made the theme as "The hope of the field, the source of life" by "Agricultural, grain, food, environment, and sustainable development".

“Field”supports China heritaging and developing the long history of agrarian culture and agricultural civilization, solves the clothing and food problems and contemporary people's food security, realizes rural reform in the future. It's a big fortune that China make greater contributions to create the wealth of the sustainable development of environment for the world, so that China Pavilion's theme has a broad, abundant and meaningful space to interpret. It can exhibit by three clues——"The Gift of Nature、The Feedback of Wisdom、Food Is Heaven." "The Gift of Nature" means nature gave birth to the Chinese civilization, "The Feedback of Wisdom" means science and technology changes China's agriculture, "Food Is Heaven" means healthy diet enriches Chinese. Referencing Chinese culture, those three clues link the history about agriculture civilization and farming culture with current narratives.

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The connotation of Catcher of Five-color Soil not only combines the theme of Milan world expo——"Nourish the earth, the energy of life", but also covers the problem about agricultural, grain, food, environment and so on. Catcher of Five-color Soil outlines the feature of "The hope of the field" and makes expo's theme vivid.At the same time, this theme in both historical connotation and era characteristics can be a multi-angle interpretation and multidirectional interpretation.the exhibition contents tightly around the consideration about the relationship between human and nature,this consideration can be summed up as:awe nature, learn from nature and follw nature. Catcher of Five-color Soil make the abstract soil more specific. Five-color Soil come from China ss a symbol of China and the vast territory. Cyan soil in east, white soil in west, red earth in south, black soil in north and yellow soil in center,those five color soil not only has strong and bright visual characteristics, but also contains nostalgia of homeland.

All copyright belongs to Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University.

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