Colourful Cloud Tram Station

Artist: UACO & Ge Wang
Location: Zhuhai, China
Year: 2018
Researcher: Shen Kang

The project is for the space design of the station of Zhuhai Modern Tram Line 1 not only to think about how to better meet the daily function design of the bus station, but also to propose a set of public art schemes.
The concept is based on the "colorful cloud" symbolizing romantic change, expressing three aspects of thinking:
1. A group of public art islands floating in the architectural forest of Zhuhai;
2. A group of reminders focusing on the current urban hot public environmental quality issues ;
3. A group of interactive carriers with urban public life functions.
The main structure changes with natural movement, and the “specified space” of the station is full of artistic effects of “uncertainty”, which is also the response and thinking of this project to “time” and “environment”.

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1. Creative background
Creating background
The completion of Zhuhai Modern Tram Line 1 makes Zhuhai the first city in the world to use the tram ground power supply system to put into commercial operation urban rail transit lines, which will ease urban traffic, beautify the urban environment, and provide convenience for citizens. Play an important role. The total design of this project is 14 stations, 9 middle island stations and 10 side island stations, totaling 19 stations.

2. The relationship between the work and the place:
How does the particularity of a place produce a unique dialogue in a piece of art? How art works combine the universal needs of mankind with the very special local forms.

The shape is inspired by the ecological environment that Zhuhai is proud of. Among them, the elegance of the "cloud" and the swarming forward of the "fish" are the main shape of the "colorful cloud" installation, the forward rolling of the "waves" and the "raindrops" The romance of "" is the way to support the structure, while "pebbles" and "islands" are the creative origins of the rest installations, hoping to create a romantic, energetic, and dynamic beauty of Zhuhai.
On the other hand, the “colorful cloud” installation along with the color change of the environment and function also makes the station no longer dull, but like pieces of interactive artwork “floating” along the tram line in every corner of the city, technology and artistic sense It can be seen.

Design of public facilities based on public art

A lightweight air film structure is used to cover the top of the station. The translucent and semi-reflective color-changing ellipsoid is like a lightweight body "quietly" suspended above the road. The ellipsoid will exhibit semi-refraction and translucent characteristics during the day. The surrounding environment is reorganized into a "virtual reconstruction" picture, which will change the color according to the quality of the space and emit light according to the brightness of the light.
B. Interactive lighting system
Taking the station as the unit, the arrival station is the origin, and the color chromaticity is changed in six stages according to the number of stations the vehicle leaves the station.
The color of the vehicle is light blue when it is 5 or more stations away from this station. The color changes from light blue to lake blue when the vehicle leaves the 5th station to the 4th station, and the color changes when the vehicle arrives at the 4th station. It is lake blue.
By analogy, the color gradually changes to grass green when the vehicle is 3 stops away from the arrival station.

The color gradually changes to grass green at each station, the color changes to yellow when the vehicle is 2 stops away from the arrival station, the color changes to orange when the vehicle is 1 station away from the arrival station, the color changes to orange when the vehicle arrives at the station, and the vehicle leaves the station The color gradually changed to light blue.
If the current vehicle leaves the station, the system detects that there are other vehicles within 5 stops from the station, and the color will be gradually changed according to the actual number of stations away.

Cloud information sharing
Inside the main ellipsoid is a central service core, which contains CPU computer processors, solar panels, batteries, LED lights, power transmitters, wireless WIFI transmitters, LED electronic screens, etc., to achieve and support all interactive links. Just like the cloud in a station, it can receive and send information, so that people waiting on the platform can use the network and share news information freely. At the same time, Yunxia also provides a good friend-making communication platform, so that waiting for a bus is no longer a cold and boring behavior.
D. Three-dimensional indication system
In order to avoid the obstruction of information readers caused by the transmission of information on a single facade of the traditional stop sign. The new platform design places the indicating system on the ceiling, which can achieve information transmission without blind spots, so that every waiting passenger will not miss the train due to unclear information.

1. The contribution of the artwork/art project to the local economy, society, culture, etc.
Increase the iconicity of urban public facilities and beautify urban streets

2. The value and influence of the art work/art project on the art field: including the academic value of the work, the leading of the art profession, experimental, forward-looking and international influence
The construction of the combination of technology and art
A. Top air pillow
Adopt German advanced 3-layer ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene copolymer) structure and special three-dimensional film cutting technology. This technology is the first to be adopted in China. Compared with the well-known Beijing Water Cube National Swimming Pool, the air pillow used in the building surface is conventionally convex in the center and symmetrical. The largest single air pillow covers an area of ​​about 9 square meters. And this special three-dimensional film cutting technology will achieve the special shape mode of the overall air pillow big and small asymmetrical

B. Wind-resistant design
The standard value of wind load is calculated according to the envelope structure. The basic wind pressure w0=0.85 kN/m2 in Zhuhai during the 50-year return period; it has successfully resisted the 14th-grade typhoon in 2017 and the 15th-grade typhoon “Mangosteen” in 2018. "Wait.
C. Drainage design
According to the previous years, the average intensity of heavy rains in Zhuhai is 876L/s.hm2. Therefore, the calculated flow rate is 3L/s. The upper part is designed with a gutter with a width of 50mm and a height of 100mm. The rainwater drainage pipe uses two plastic pipes with a diameter of 75mm. Rainwater is collected into underground storage tanks and used for irrigating grass on both sides of daily roads to achieve sustainable circulation.
D. Shade design
The shading coefficient requirement is achieved by adjusting the coverage rate of the plating points on the film material. The shading coefficient of ETFE air pillows should be less than 0.6, and the U value should be less than 2 W/m2K.
3. The revelation of the artwork/art project and its impact on the public
Public facilities can become works of art, and public facilities can be topical.

All copyright belongs to Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University.

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