Creative Fu - Chinese Zodiac and Art

Artist: Twenty-Five local Macau artists
Location: Macau, China
Researcher: Chih-Wei Lee

"The Analects of Confucius said, ‘see no evil’, ‘hear no evil’, ‘speak no evil’, and ‘no Evil action’, while in the West, it is the common to see ‘Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak no evil’. We hope to use the three monkeys to illustrate the truth that in completely different cultural backgrounds, the sense is the same. Since the monkeys have human-like features, and in the West, monkeys are usually used to satirize others, so the ironic elements have been used in this creation.

"Monkeys are mainly black, with ears, mouth and tail highlighted with gold, especially with mouth full of filler, insinuating that money can stop person’s mout", said Artist Meng Shu. Artists Liaoshan Ting said that the creative inspiration of ‘flower monkey’ came from wonderful selva, that’s why the colors are dark green, together with the use of 3d origami flower production of art, making a happy feeling that the monkey is surrounded by flowers, expressing the design concept of environmental protection. Artist Ma Rongda represented that panda monkey is the monkey owning a panda. A year ago, Ma Rongda colored the tiger with sheep’s color, namely tiger sheep. This year, he made a bold attempt to make two very different but important animal features mixed together, while allowing them to maintain a unique role in the wild nature, calling human beings at how to treat the nature they living in. Peach-shaped Earth on panda monkey’s hands symbolize the human society.

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Macau is a intersection region of Eastern and Western cultures, with the characteristic of multicultural representation. These twenty-five works of traditional Chinese zodiac Monkey are made of fiberglass, as a carrier, which is displayed in the major tourist attractions in Macao, accompanied harmoniously with local and Western religious ritual vessels. Besides, tourist attraction is a gathering place for people of different cultural backgrounds around the world, with no disharmony and you will be surprised at the harmonious merging together of various faiths and cultures here.

The project is held to greet the New Year Swiss Monkey and is named "Fulin Sands", comprising blessed monkey sculpture, large-scale projection 3d exhibition and other activities. In addition, this project is supported by a local art project, annosimius, assisted by Venetian, sponsored by HAD and Visitors Bureau. Zodiac and Art – innovative sculpture is the annual tradition project of Venetian Macao.

All copyright belongs to Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University.

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