Formosa Wall Painting Group

Artist: Jiun-Shyan Lee, Jiun-Yang Lee
Location: Taiwan
Year: 2012
Researcher: Peng-Chu Hsiung

Formosa Wall Painting Group (“Formosa” for short) was sponsored by Li Junxian and Li Junyang, gathering hundreds of artists in Taiwan with the art of action. These artists do not belong to this team, but involving in the creation spontaneously only to express his sentiment to Taiwan. Formosa gathered a variety of professions and faith, through a series of creative behaviors to form a ceremony field. By different experts gathering: firstly, local cultural groups established the bridge of understanding the local culture, the professionals in selected settlements singled out the location for creation , finally,the artist began writing in the field of presence. White walls are combined into temporary buildings incarnation as canvas, and the local population and the land of dialogue, drawing out the current Taiwan society.

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In Taiwan, the public art breaks the balance between urban and rural areas, urban areas master the most resources, and art works by setting the spatial capital following by the cultural and economic policy preferences to concentrate in the urban areas. In the city, people’s blind pursuit of progress covers the ethnic and cultural context of settlement. But Formosa will try to recover the lost Taiwan murals in the traditional settlements in memory. The place of creation changed from the studio to the streets, into less capital dominated economic system in rural, to establish open space. This space is not only a collection of tangible paintings, but also stimulating interaction with the media of murals. With the migration of base changing to Taiwan, every stop is another chance to communicate, link public art, and wake regional awareness and sense of belonging.In the flourishing development trend of Art Museums and the galleries , the arts become more internationalization and accuracy, the white box to become the best destination for art in the hearts of everyone.Formosa appeared in the era of material and technology-oriented time, art returning to innocence’s indispensable, excepting the high art category system of art, art has more possibilities.

Formosa through graffiti style writing, remind you to regain the innate "write" ability, and liberate the regret of people's education only understand the "word", not the "picture" . Through the whole hand-painted graffiti, dismiss technology, non artificial interference, regain the manual creation of "people" temperature, operation via a "human", murals show the different mechanical operation of art, full of toughness and the comfortable, without the limited environment feel stiff and cramped restless. The liberation of art into the social reality, shuttle in streets and roads, residents of the masses have become the creator of the mural. The value of this mural is it’s reflection of the creator in the midst of the current situation and unique brushwork, whether it is perfect or not, it is a formosa art in Taiwan local Adobe Return Movement.

All copyright belongs to Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University.

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