Fundamental Frequency

Artist: Bianco-Valente
Location: Portici, Naples, Italy
Year of completion: 2011
Researcher: Giusy Checola

Frequenza Fondamentale is a sculpture made by steel and electroluminescent lights, uses the data coming from the Vesuvius' changes of state, measured by various sensors of the monitoring network of the Osservatorio Vesuviano (Vesuvian Observatory), in order to modulate, in real time, a sound scenario to be spread across the park by an audio surround system: it consists of about thirty garden speakers.

In addition to the sound installation, in the portion of the park overlooking the front of the villa, orthogonal to the imaginary line that links the volcano's crater to the park, a sculpture made of steel and electroluminescent cables has been set up generating a complex relational structure. The sound changes continuously for everyone to be delighted, both inside the park and also from the surrounding buildings. It will be a direct expression of micro-changes of state of the volcano and it will be like to listen to his real time "breathing".

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The artwork has created an inedited relationship with the volcano's geologic reality, hance with the whole territory. For the first time the Vesuvian Observatory has given permission to use the datas which have been daily recorded about the inner volcano's activities, with the aim to sensitize citizens and stimulate their awareness of the risks of living on its foots, by making them “hear” it. Moreover, thanks to the realization of the artwork, a network arouse among professionals that worked at the sculpture production (architects, designers and engineers) and among professionals and public administration, non-existing before.

All copyright belongs to Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University.

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