Green Aesthetics

Artist: Hui-Chen Wu, Artfield
Location: National Chi Nan University, Taiwan
Year: 2014
Researcher: Peng-Chu Hsiung

Chi Nan University, located in the center of Taiwan, is a city surrounded by all mountains, and lives up to its reputation. It embraces all sorts of natural landscape and assets. A series of works and activities is carried out based on the core of returning to nature and the manner of art.

Slices/Parablepsia by Taiwanese artist Chun-Yan Ker is like swaying grass that airily stands in the bus waiting and is quietly accompanied by teachers and students. The Living Willow Pavilion is formed by the German art team Sanfte Strukturen leading international volunteers and teachers as well as students who fix the willow tree on the structure of steel, which lets the willow grow and forms the best natural patronage. American artist Mara Adamitz Scrupe carries out the farming workshop and conducts green dialogue with land, body and food as well as acquiring small and delicate agricultural knowledge and methods with community organizations. Rainbow by Japanese artist Takahide Mizuuchi is across the lawn.

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People can only look forward to the surprise because of its element of surprise, being and even completely being out of control. And they are waiting for its light only in the correct moment of the sunlight. In addition, soil will be collected in water and wall will be made by rammed earth which leads to the symbolically vital Tree of Life. The wall will eventually fall, but seeds will burst through the soil and show the new strength.

In this plan, residents and teachers as well as students are not only users who are waiting for the completion of works, but policymakers and participants: they participate in the elective process of public art and the creative process of planting and sharing. The influence of art is beyond the one itself and reaches the exchange with green to live together and to develop forever.

"Green Aesthetics", program of public art, echoes spirit of green university and is designed according to the local environment design, which belongs to Chi Nan University. Nearby residents and teachers as well as students are gathered through various activities. In addition, shared space of art can also be created, which makes people begin to focus on the surrounding natural environment. The close interaction between people and people, human and nature, human and art is increased. Under the conduction of the whole plan, not only work of art is created but also people’s reverence to nature is motivated, which reproduces in an endless succession with the continuous interaction.

"Green Aesthetics" reflects on the practice of green life from the perspective of art and land, in hope that the discussion on conservation and carbon reduction, sustainable cultivation, green consumption, ecological construction and environmental aesthetics is expanded through the form of public art. The production of green college is regarded as epitome of the practice in the city and becomes the new pattern and detailed demonstration of the living art. It not only coexists with people, but also gradually changes the possibility of the existence of public art in Taiwan.

All copyright belongs to Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University.

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