Open Streets Cape Town

Artist: Marcela Guerrero Casa
Location: Various Locations, Cape Town
Year of completion: 2012
Researcher: Siphiwe Ngwenya

Open Streets' is a 40-year old global movement inspired by Bogotá’s Ciclovía – the largest national recreational programme in Colombia that turns 120km of streets into car-free space across the city every Sunday. More than 400 cities around the world have developed similar programmes and Cape Town is taking the lead in running Open Streets on the African continent.

Open Streets Cape Town (OSCT) was founded in 2012 by a group of volunteers committed to a more equitable, integrated, safer and vibrant city. It was registered as a non-profit organisation (NPO) in 2013 and seeks to build shared places that embody respect for all and help bridge the social and spatial divides of Cape Town. OSCT works in partnership with the City of Cape Town. OSCT works to design campaigns that raise citizen awareness, foster public debate about public streets and engage everyone in redesigning and re-working streets. Flagship activities include Open Streets days, the monthly Talking streets series and experimental activities on the street.

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By embracing the concept of Open Streets, all of us can create shared places that embody respect for all and help bridge the social and spatial divides of our city. It is believed that streets should enable safer and more cohesive communities; provide platforms for creative expression of local cultures and values; be places for recreation and social interaction; contribute to job creation and local economic activity; and provide choice in how we move around the city.

As largely non-commercial environments which focus on the principles outlined In streets which already have places of interest and which bring people together (parks, restaurants, shops, places of worship, public facilities etc.) Focusing on all-age groups, but with particular emphasis on those who tend to be excluded from motorised streets: children, the elderly, cyclists, walkers, skateboarders, etc. Respecting the legal frameworks of the state, especially including the non-consumption of alcohol, or the use of drugs, on the street. Open Streets is currently funded by the City of Cape Town.

All copyright belongs to Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University.

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