Artist : Jim Gallucci and Scott Richardson
Location : North Carolina, USA
Year : 2012
Researcher : Jessica Fiala

In the early 2000s downtown Greensboro faced a difficulty that confronted many communities across the country. Lacking a downtown residential base, when large department stores and businesses relocated to suburban communities, the city center’s activity and vibrancy waned. Additionally, although vehicle traffic wove together disparate parts of the city, pedestrian connections were inadequate, creating a physical disjunction that served to fortify racial and social divides between downtown Greensboro and historically African American communities to the south.In response to this challenge, eight local foundations formed Action Greensboro, a nonprofit dedicated to urban renewal that developed a series of strategies to revitalize the downtown, including a plan for a four-mile greenway that would encircle the city. This greenway would connect the urban core to surrounding communities as well as to the extensive park and trail systems beyond.

Planning began in earnest in 2009 and in 2012, the first significant portion of the project was completed. Over.Under.Pass is in this regard indicative of an undercurrent that runs throughout the project: a desire to create connections between communities coupled with commitment to an ongoing and long-term process.

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The planning for the 4-mile greenway loop was completed in 2002 and a project manager was hired in 2007. Planning began in earnest in 2009 and Action Greensboro applied for, and was awarded, a $100,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to work on the underpass renovation. The local artists behind Over.Under.Pass were invited to create an installation at the site near the end of 2010. Following community conversations and additional planning and renovation work, the installation and this section of the greenway were completed in 2012.

All copyright belongs to Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University.

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