Remade Project of Dazhalan and BaiTasi

Artist: Zhangke Huali
Location: Dazhalan, Beijing
Year: 2015
Researcher: Panli

Dazhalan is a well-preserved, traditional block in Beijing, its streets and courtyards almost remain the same. BaiTasi is also a historical heritage. Drawing from experience overseas of micro-parks, the designers remade the Yangmei Xie street, converted the Parking place into a resting area, offered tables and chairs, a Game Zone, a restaurant, etc. so as to meet the demands of public space. So many designers tried to cooperate on traditional artisans, rendering intangible culture in Dazhalan.

Designers joined hands with Zhang Ziqiang, the Rabbit God of Zhang, who is a traditional toys artisan, combined new material with technology, hoping to attract teenagers to interest traditional handicraft. Master Zhou, who is well-known for weaving palace lanterns by iron wires, associated with American Design Studio, created a series of sculptural works using mixed weaves and lamplights. The whole block has gotten its mojo back.

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The Institute of Excitation’s work, A stranger of NO.23 courtyard, turned the NO.23 courtyard in BaiTasi into an experimental space. Various artistic installations highlighted the illusion of a courtyard; the unordered installations and the collage tectonics confused the sense of space. Architects renewed Hu Tong to micro-Hu Tongs, new compound-yards, inner box Hu Tongs, parasitism Hu Tongs, etc. All the living place and public space have been remade locally or in small scale, exploring a possibility of future life.

The Renewal Process of Urban Historical Blocks was neither simple and crude demolition nor shopping mall. Focusing on social stability and a prosperous life, seeking correct protections of historical blocks in a new cultural environment, where under traditional culture and urbanization, are the best way. With the help of intelligent technology, historical blocks also should pay attention to the creative industry, to achieve a win-win situation, as well as separating the social and structural of the community space.

A fresh community is a recombination of Old and New culture. Revival can’t be a passive protection any more. Only to promote the community’s development, to explore historical culture in depth, to find cultural brands, to integrate public interest into economic development, are fulfilling the sustainable development of blocks. In addition, it still needs to gather steam in many parts of Art, Fashion, Media, Tourists, Residents, etc. To better establish the mechanisms of self renewal of historical blocks.

All copyright belongs to Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University.

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