Sound Jungle

Artist: Chung Hyun
Location: Songdo, Incheon, Korea
Researcher: Park Daae

Songdo is located in the Incheon free economic zone (IFEZ), it's also called the transportation centre of north east Asia owing to Incheon international airport and a lot of harbors. It has been in the plan of being designed as the district for international IT/BT from August of 2003. After that, though Songdo had a big success of attracting many abroad and domestic companies, it was lacking in art and cultural infrastructures. Thus, IFEZ starts ‘ART/ACT SONGDO' project. 3 foreign artists and 5 Korean artists join in it with 10 art works. Chun Hyun is one of the participants who is a very famous Korean sculptor. In 2006, he got the prize of Korea Artist by National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

As for the project, he created the work-‘Sound Jungle ' which was set near G-tower, the office building of IFEZ. Firstly, the artist put the stainless steel poles as its framework. Secondly, he attached steel plates with small holes on the top of the poles, and then hung the copper pipes. Like a pipe organ, vertical tubes create rhythmicral sounds. When the wind blows, or it is touched by people, over 200 pipes move and bump into one another, creating unique sounds. As Incheon is a seaside city, this work copies the natural sound of the sea wind which can give people special sound experience through active participation. What's worth mentioning, sound specialists were invited to check the production in order to create various range of sounds.As a result, the installation makes different sounds each time depending on how much wind blows, or how the audiences touch it.

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‘Sound Jungle' not only draws attention from audiences, but also gives delightful experiences to audiences and satisfies their senses of hearing, touching, and seeing. This work has moved art to step into people's daily lives and during this process the public can easily join in and enjoy. The most precious point is that the artist combines the natural environment with his work perfectly.

The public art project-‘ART/ACT SONGDO' of Incheon free economic zone was set to improve its situation of being lacking in cultural infrastrutures, and 3 foreign and 5 Korean artists has been invited to join it. Other information is still unknown.

All copyright belongs to Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University.

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