Sound Walk

Artist: Ellen Reid
Location: Various cities in USA & Europe
Year: Ongoing

The excellence of Ellen Reid's SOUNDWALK lies in its innovative approach to art, music, and the natural environment, and its impact on communities and the economy can be seen in the following ways:
1.Innovative Artistic Experience: Ellen Reid's SOUNDWALK redefines the boundaries of traditional art and music by creating an immersive, GPS-enabled public art piece. It engages participants in a unique and interactive artistic experience that harmonizes with the natural surroundings.
2.Customized and Evolving Content: The user-guided nature of SOUNDWALK allows participants to choose their path, creating a dynamic and personalized experience. This adaptability ensures that no two visits are the same, enhancing the overall artistic experience
3.Community Engagement: SOUNDWALK encourages individuals to explore their local parks and natural environments. It fosters a sense of community by bringing people together to engage with art and nature, promoting a shared experience.
4.Tourism and Local Economy: As people visit parks to experience SOUNDWALK, it can drive tourism and benefit the local economy. Visitors may spend on accommodations, dining, and other services, contributing to the economic vitality of the surrounding communities.
5.Promotion of Public Spaces: By leveraging public spaces for artistic and cultural experiences, SOUNDWALK draws attention to the value of these spaces in urban planning and community development.
6.Cultural Enrichment: The project enriches the cultural landscape of the area by introducing a novel form of public art, making culture and creativity more accessible to a diverse audience.

In summary, Ellen Reid's SOUNDWALK excels in providing an innovative and interactive artistic experience, fostering community engagement, and contributing to local economies through increased tourism. It enriches the cultural fabric of the area and promotes the value of public spaces in urban life.

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Ellen Reid is one of the most innovative artists of her generation. A composer and sound artist whose breadth of work spans opera, sound design, film scoring, ensemble and choral writing, she was awarded the the 2019 Pulitzer Prize in Music for her opera, p r i s m.Along with composer Missy Mazzoli, Ellen co-founded the Luna Composition Lab. Luna Lab is a mentorship program for young, female, non-binary or gender nonconforming composers. During the 2022-2023 season, Reid serves as Composer-in-Residence with New Mexico Philharmonic and is Contemporary Music Chair for Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra.Ellen received her BFA from Columbia College, Columbia University and her MA from California Institute of the Arts. She is inspired by music from all over the globe, and she splits her time between her two favorite cities – Los Angeles and New York. Ellen Reid’s music is exclusively published by Chester Music, part of the Wise Music Group.

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