The Nap Ministry

Artist: Tricia Hersey
Location: Atlanta, GA and Chicago, IL USA
Year: 2017
Researcher: Jen Krava

The Nap Ministry is built upon a “Rest is Resistance” framework, emphasizing that sleep deprivation is a form of racial and social injustice, and that naps have the power to heal community. Started by Tricia Hersey in 2016, The Nap Ministry utilizes a combination of public nap performances, workshops, and coaching to raise awareness around the exhaustion many Black women in America face.

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In a country where capitalism and white supremacy create a false sense of urgency and push many into “grind” or “hustle” culture, The Nap Ministry radically shifts what it means to make progress and/or be successful by putting human needs front and center. Advocating for demonstrating the benefits rest can have on one’s wellbeing, Tricia creates a new paradigm of caring for oneself in order to continue caring for others.

The Nap Ministry has five services they provide to affect change and shift this paradigm:

Collective Napping Experiences: Tricia and her team create sacred spaces where community members can nap together and reflect on how rest is a form of resistance.

Immersive Workshops: Tricia has over 20 years of experience as an activist, coach, artist, speaker, and more, and brings these skills to workshops that focus on naps as a personal ritual that heals and can be sustainable.

Lectures/Key Notes: Tricia engages audiences in conversation and storytelling about the science of sleep, and how community organizting is tied to the notion of “rest is resistance”.

Coaching: The Nap Ministry works with individuals to create unique healing plans incorporating rest. Coaching is built upon radical community building with those that are being coached, and incorporates creative visioning as a way to build self-care and healing.

Ressurect Rest School: The school started with a group of 40 students in Januray 2020, and is a place where “rest is resistance” is engaged and investigated deeply.

All copyright belongs to Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University.

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