Vanke Cloud Bridge

Artist: Qingshan Zhouping
Location: Vanke, Nantong, China
Year: 2021
Researcher: Sun Ting

"Yunhuan" expresses its attitude towards a city, and hopes to establish a communication platform through this bridge to attract more people out of the closed community. Activities here can be direct conversations with friends or idleness. Walking, that is a state of happiness.

The project is located in the emerging development section of Zhongchuang District, Nantong. The entire base is divided into two plots in the north and south by a planned municipal branch road, and on the east side of the branch road is an urban river—Xiajiaqiao River. The artist wants to build this road into a work of art that can enhance the artistic tone of the entrance to the entire area. As the main entrance to the east, facing the urban river, we hope to create an artistic bridge with high recognition and social attributes that can leave an unexpected surprise to the future local area.

Because there is no land red line and other functional requirements other than traffic, the planning team proposed to extend the spiritual temperament of the bridge to the entire municipal branch road. If the art bridge at the entrance is extended into an open platform that emphasizes social attributes, the entire road can be transformed into a public space that can carry "urban events".

Here, people can get more exchanges, and they can also get more emotional links here. What the work wants to create is not only a simple bridge, but also a social area for local people to communicate. At the same time, it can also bring a new level of progress to the development of local public art.

Good designers have a keenness to defamiliarize things they usually see, and regain a sense of freshness after another step of creation. This kind of space is different from the photo effect. Only when you visit the real scene of the scene through the changes of light and shadow, the ripples of flowing water, etc., can you truly feel that this materiality is a comprehensive experience of five senses. After Yunhuan was put into use, people came with surprises and returned happily. The red material and the smart and unique shape made everyone sigh "Wow", which fully realized the owner's wish; starting from the perspective of public art, let the building The teacher challenged the traditional practice of municipal administration and made people truly appreciate the value of urban public space art.

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The project plan started from studying the pattern of contemporary cities. In today's society that relies on network communication, offline social opportunities are becoming less and less; the project itself is also interrupted by the city branch into two plots, and the community function of the community is cut off. Both spiritual and physical spaces create a sense of distance; the physical space interrupted by roads makes the designer think about how to re-dialogue the separated communities. Several sets of corridors form a continuous link, which naturally connects the north and south communities. Because of the sense of separation between the communities, the corridors are pulled back to a dialogue state; in terms of function, it connects the functional spaces on both sides of the block where residents can rest, walk, exercise, and hold activities; spiritually, it Narrowing the psychological distance between residents is the social attribute of Yunhuan Bridge, a spiritual bridge that connects people, space and space, and people and space. The designer set up urban furniture and tree ponds of different scales on the bridge, and intimately customized a small steel plate tabletop that can hold small items on the steel column. These details of life are related to Qingshan Zhouping's long-time love of observing daily life. Attract more people to participate in more social activities through the regularity of people's activities in different time periods. In the later stage, it can be combined with community operations to plan more rich community events: such as the Qixi Magpie Bridge meeting, making it a real social bond.

In terms of the craftsmanship of Yunhuan Bridge, the original simple single-curved roof is designed as a hyperbolic roof, and the roof is assembled with three different porosities; and there are detailed expressions on the railings and paving. The first local art bridge. At the physical level, the "bond" connects the two communities; at the spiritual level, the "bond" shortens the psychological distance of residents; it is a bridge connecting people and people, space and space, and people and space.

All copyright belongs to Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University.

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