The 2014 Institute for Public Art Research Network Meeting

20th-23rd November 2014
Fine Arts College, Shanghai University

Meeting Objectives

The 2014 IPA Research Network Meeting is co-organised by Fine Art College, Shanghai University and Institute for Public Art (IPA). The goals of the meeting are: to promote public art research, to build the international communication platform, and to promote the establishment of the research network for public art experts. The main idea of the meeting is: to explore the overall development trend of public art in the future; to determine the theme for future “International Award for Public Art”; to discuss a reasonable dividing map for public art research; to find the best way for cooperation and work; to realise unity of work platform and technical language; and to build a first-class research and exchange network for international public art.


Researchers -

Peter Morales
Jessica Fiala
Megan Guerber
Eve Lemesle
Raphael Chikukwa
Giusy Checola
Leon Tan
Sara Black
Nahla Al Tabbaa
Lesya Prokopenko
Kelly Carmichael
Vaughn Sadie
Gabriela Ribeiro
Hsiung, Peng-Chu
Stella Prasetya
Peter Shand
Bruce Phillips
Jun Kitazawa
Wang Dan
Zhuo Min
Pan Li
Zhou Xian

Members -

Lewis Biggs
Jack Becker

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